British Executions

Marcel Fougeron

Age: 23

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 19 Nov 1901

Crime Location: 4 Lower Charles Street, Clerkenwell, London

Execution Place: Newgate

Method: hanging

Executioner: James Billington


Marcel Fougeron was convicted of the murder of Hermann Francis Jung 64 and sentenced to death.

Marcel Fougeron had been in England for 2 months and had just been thrown out of his lodgings.

On 3 September 1901 he went to the jewellery shop of Hermann Jung at 4 Lower Charles Street, Clerkenwell, London.

Hermann Jung was known for helping foreigners get work and they talked for some hours. Hermann Jung's wife saw Marcel Fougeron come in and heard them talking together in French for some time before she went downstairs to get on with her own things. After a few hours she heard a scuffle and when she went upstairs she saw Hermann Jung lying on the floor and Marcel Fougeron running out of the door.

She chased after him and in the street caught the attention of a police constable who continued the chase. Further along in Rydon Crescent another police constable joined in the chase and they caught Marcel Fougeron and took him back to the shop. When they got back they found Hermann Jung was dead.

Marcel Fougeron was tried for murder with attempted robbery, however, Marcel Fougeron said that Hermann Jung had been a anarchist and had tried to get him to assassinate Mister Chamberlain the Colonial Secretary and that when he had refused Hermann Jung had attacked him and thrown a piece of metal at him and that he had stabbed Hermann Jung in self defence. However, the piece of metal that Marcel Fougeron when examined was found to be covered in a thick layer of dust indicating that it had not been moved in a long while.

Marcel Fougeron was convicted and executed at Newgate.