British Executions

James Burrell

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: burglary

Date Of Execution: 1 Aug 1774

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Surrey

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


George Stephen Hearsay and James Burrell found guilty on an indictment for a burglary in the dwelling house of Christina Williamson in the parish of Wandsworth on 7th April 1774: stealing therefrom a pair of silver candlesticks (valued at £5), 2 silver waiters (valued at £8, 2 silver pint mugs (value dat £4), 2 silver ½ pint mugs (valued at 40/-), 4 silver salts (valued at £3), 8 silver tablespoons (valued at £4), a silver punch ladle (value at 2/-), a gold cased watch (valued at £10), a blue silk mode cloak with lace (valued at 10/-, a black satin cloak trimmed with lace (valued at 10/-), a pair of worked double ruffles (valued at 5/-), 2 pairs of lace double ruffles (value at 5/-), a pink coloured silk work bag (valued at 2/-), a shell snuff box mounted with silver (valued at 10/-), an enamelled snuff box (value at 12d), a silve snuff box (valued at 30/-), a tortoiseshell snuff box mounted with silver (valued at 10/-), a pair of Moco (?) stone studs set in gold (valued at 10/-), a silver soup ladle (valued at 10/-), a pair of stone shoe buckles set in silver (valued at 10/-) and a hat pin set with diamonds (valued at 20/-) - the goods and chattels of Christina Williamson; and a silver thimble (valued at 12d) and a pair of silver shoe buckles (valued at 5/-) - the goods and chattels of Henrietta King.