British Executions

Joseph Arthur Shufflebotham

Age: 38

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 2 Apr 1901

Crime Location: Biddulph Moor

Execution Place: Stafford

Method: hanging

Executioner: James Billington


Joseph Arthur Shufflebotham was convicted of the murder of his wife Elizabeth Shufflebotham and sentenced to death.

He cut her throat on 28 December 1900 a year after they married on 28 December 1899.

They each had children from previous marriages, Joseph Shufflebotham having 5 children and Elizabeth Shufflebotham having 4 children.

However their relationship wasn't good and they rowed and Joseph Shufflebotham was convicted of assaulting her and they were granted a separation.

Joseph Shufflebotham went to Yorkshire to find work but returned in November 1900 and found that Elizabeth Shufflebotham had given birth to their child making it 10 children that they had and Joseph Shufflebotham moved back in. However, he was again arrested for a previous assault warrant and they continued to argue and on 3 December 1900 Elizabeth Shufflebotham left him again and went to her mother.

On 28 December 1900 Joseph Shufflebotham went to Elizabeth Shufflebotham's mothers house and asked to speak to his wife and when he was refused he forced his way into the house and cut Elizabeth Shufflebotham's throat.

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