British Executions

Walter Brooks

Age: 48

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 28 Jun 1928

Crime Location: 39 Avenham Road, Preston

Execution Place: Manchester

Method: hanging

Executioner: Thomas Pierrepoint


Walter Brooks murdered Beatrice Brooks 48 and Alfred Moore 50 at 39 Avenham Road, Preston on 4 April 1928. He shot them both.

Walter Brooks lived with his wife Beatrice Brooks at  39 Avenham Road, Preston with whom he frequently had jealous quarrels. In October 1927 they seperated.

He later aquired a revolver on the pretext for wnating to give it to a customer in Ormskirk. He was a market salesman.

At the time they were living apart. He then waylaid them in Avenham Road and shot them both.

His defence pleaded insanity and he had been certified as insane in 1925 but the certificate had not been acted upon.

Outside the jail at the time of his execution a hatless young man from Sale commenced pacing up and down outside the gates about 30 minutes before and nearer the time put his watch on some steps near the entrance and prostrated himself on the ground until the tolling of the minute bell. When asked what he was doing he said that he attended all the executions he could to pray for the condemned  man at the moment of his passing.

He was given an 8 feet 10 inch drop.

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