British Executions

Richard Hoare


Sex: male

Crime: Housebreaking

Date Of Execution: 26 Mar 1774

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Reading

Method: hannging

Executioner: unknown


Saturday, 26 March 1774 (Reading Mercury) Richard Hoare indicted for breaking into the dwelling house of Richard Roby in the parish of Ardington on 24th February 1774; and stealing therefrom a cloth great coat (valued at 3/-), a cloth waistcoat (valued at 2/-), a hat (valued at 2/-), a linen shirt (valued at 2/-), a linen shift (valued at 2/-), a loaf of wheaten brad (valued at 1/-), 4 pounds of cheese (valued at 1/-) and a hempen sack (valued at 6d).