British Executions

Samuel Crozier

Age: 35

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 5 Dec 1899

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Chelmsford

Method: hanging

Executioner: James and William Billington


On Monday 25th June, Crozier, the landlord of the Admiral Ross Inn, Galleywood Common, Chelmsford. was seen by witnesses to assault his wife Ann who was thirty one in a room above the pub. They had only recently married and he was seen to knock her off' a sofa, then kick and beat her. The next morning, she died from her injuries. but with the doctor unaware of the fight on the previous day. he stated that death was from natural causes as a result of a fall. Word soon reached police about the fight and less than an hour after Mrs Crozier's funeral. her husband was in custody on a murder charge. He was convicted at Essex Assizes and hanged by James and William Billington. When asked by the Governor. moments before being led to the drop, if he had anything to say, Crozier replied in a firm voice: 'No sir. nothing than I have already said at the trial.'  Sentence was carried out at Chelmsford on the 5th December 1899.  Crozier was thirty five when he died.