British Executions

Robert Browning

Age: 25

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 14 Dec 1876

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Cambridge

Method: hanging

Executioner: William Marwood


Murder of EMMA ROLFE,aged 16; Cambridge

Browning was a twenty five year old  tailor and former soldier, sentenced to death at Norwich Assizes on 24th November for the murder of Emma Relfe, a girl of just fifteen. Despite her age the victim earned her living as a prostitute, and had been living in a brothel for several weeks before the murder. Browning had met her in August, and whilst drinking with her on a common, he caught her stealing some money from him. After cutting her throat, he went off in search of more drink. Her body was later found with her head almost severed. He was recommended for mercy on account of his age, but was hanged by William Marwood on the 14th December 1876 in Cambridge.