British Executions

William Thomas

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: horse stealing

Date Of Execution: 18 Sep 1773

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Carmarthenshire

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Saturday, 18 September 1773

William Thomas It is reported in "Welsh Murders Vol I - Fuller and Knapp" that William Thomas who was found Not Guilty at Hereford 1770 for the Glanarth murder was later hanged at Pensarn for horse stealing.

Gloucester Journal Monday 30 September a report dated 16 September states: William Thomas (alias Blink) we are informed has made discoveries relating to the murder of Mr Powell at Glanarth: he is to be executed on Saturday next.  Gloucester Journal Monday 27 September reports the execution on 18 September at Carmarthen.  Shrewsbury Chronicle Saturday 25 September also reports the execution and confirms he was a member of the gang tried for the Glanarth murder.