British Executions

James Read

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: house breaking

Date Of Execution: 23 Mar 1792

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Chelmsford

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Friday, 23 March 1792                                     

James Read, aged 25, found guilty on an indictment for breaking into the dwelling house of William Parker in the parish of Farnham on 1st November 1791; and stealing therefrom a wooden box (valued at 6/-), 5 cotton gowns (valued at £2) a cloth coat (valued at 5/-) a velveret waistcoat (valued at 2/-), 2 silk handkerchiefs (valued at 5/-), 6 silver teaspoons (valued at 10/-), 3 muslin capes (value at 3/-), 2 linen caps (value at 2/-), 3 cotton shawls (valued at 5/-), a Shalon petticoat (valued at 6/-), a gold guinea, a gold half guinea and 2/- in money numbered - the goods, chattels and money of William Parker; and  a pair of leather breeches (valued at 5/-), a cloth coat (valued at 5/-), a velveret waistcoat (valued at 2/-), a silk handkerchief (valued at 2/-), a pair of leather gloves (valued at 6d), 2 gold guineas and a gold half guinea - the goods, chattels and money of Robert Parker.