British Executions

William West

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: house breaking

Date Of Execution: 18 Mar 1784

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Chelmsford

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Thursday, 18 March 1784                                

William West, aged 25, found guilty on an indictment for breaking into the dwelling house of Philip Martin in the parish of Theydon Garnon on 29th December 1783; and stealing therefrom an oval brown tone snuff box set in silver (valued at 5/-), a large silver waiter (valued at £3), 4 oval silver salts (valued at 20/-), 4 silver salt shovels (valued at 5/-), 2 large silver candlesticks and sockets (valued at £5), a snuffer pan (valued at 2/-), a silver coffee pot and waiter (valued at £5), a silver ink stand (valued at £5), 2 large silver table spoons (valued at 20/-), 6 silver teaspoons (valued at 20/-), a silver bottle funnel (valued at 5/-), 12 silver teaspoons (valued at 5/-), a silver milk ewer (valued at 5/-), a pair of silver shoe buckles (valued at 2/-), a gold hoop ring set with diamonds (valud at £5), a gold hoop ring set with 4 diamonds (valued at 10/-), 2 gold mourning rings (valued at 5/-), a repeating watch with gold cases (valued at £10), a gold watch chain (valued at £1), a watch with metal cases (valued at 40/-), 3 linen shirts (valued at 10/-), 2 linen shifts (valued at 5/-), a woman’s gown (valued at 5/-), a black satin cloak fringed with black lace (valued at 10/-), 2 handkerchiefs (valued at 2/-), a pair of gold earrings set with diamonds (valued at 40/-), a silver nutmeg grater (valued at 1/-), a silver egg (valued at 1/-), 2 gold 5 guinea pieces, 1 gold 2 guinea piece, a foreign gold con with a value of £6.15/-, 80 gold guineas, 2 £20 Bank Notes and 1 £10 Bank Note.