British Executions

Henry John Burnett

Age: 21

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 15 Aug 1963

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Aberdeen

Method: hanging

Executioner: Harry Allen


Henry John Burnett met Margaret Guyan whilst working at a fish curers in 1962 shortly after a stormy divorce. In May Guyan moved into Burnetts house with her bastard son Keith, however Burnett was prone to imagine that she might leave him so he locked her in the house whilst he was out. By the end of May Guyan was keen to return to her husband whom she had met by accident and upon agreeing her return she went to Burnetts house to collect her child Keith. Burnett was in a rage and held her for a while at knife point however he soon released her.

After that Burnett went to his sister-in-laws to fetch his brothers shot gun and then went to see Guyan at her ex husbands home on Jackson Terrace. Upon approaching Thomas Guyan jumped up to open the door and was promptly shot in the head.

Burnett then dragged Guyan off,  stole a car from a garage on Seaforth Road and started driving towards Peterhead. However the police were soon on his trail and when Burnett realised that the game was up he surrendered.

Both parties petitioned for his reprieve but he was executed on 15th August 1963, the last execution in Scotland.