British Executions

Joseph Chrimes

Age: 30

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 28 Apr 1959

Crime Location: Harlington Road, Hillingdon

Execution Place: Pentonville

Method: hanging

Executioner: Harry Allen


Joseph Chrimes murdered Norah Summerfield 60 whilst burgling her home in Harlington Road, Hillingdon on 31 December, 1958. He had carried out the burglary with a friend and later confessed to some other friends about having 'done the old lady in'.

Joseph Chrimes and his friend were both charged with murder but the case against the friend was dropped after the prosection provided no evidence against him having encouraged Joseph Chrimes to carry out the murder who they claimed had beaten her over the head with a tyre lever. They had both blamed each other for the murder.

They had stolen a clock, a cigarette case, some spoons and other items.

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