British Executions

Richard Pilgrim

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 22 Mar 1742

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Gallows Hill, Ware Road, Hertford

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Monday, 22 March 1742 (Hertfordshire CRO)  

Richard Pilgrim confessed to the murder of William Woodland and Mary, wife of Edward Woodland, by cutting their throats (so that they instantly died) while stealing from the dwelling house of Edward Woodland, in the parish of Knebworth on 12th October 1741.  He was found guilty also of the burglary: stealing 2 dimity waistcoats (valued at 5/-),  a cloth coat (value at 5/-), a dimity frock (valued at 4/-), a linen shirt (value at 1/-), a muslin apron (valued at 12d), a knife and fork (valued at 2d)a horn comb (value at 1d), a receipt book (value at 1d), a pair of woollen garters (valued at 2d)a silk woman’s girdle (valued at 4d), a a pair of metal buckles (valued at 4d), a silver girdle buckle (valued at 12d), a pair of silver buttons (valued at 6d), 20 gold guineas and 21/7 in money numbered - the goods, chattels and money of Edward Woodland.  He was ordered to be executed on Monday, 22 March and hanged in chains in the parish of Knebworth near to the spot where the crime had been committed.