British Executions

George William Hibbs

Age: 40

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 13 Aug 1902

Crime Location: Barmore Street, Battersea, London

Execution Place: Wandsworth

Method: hanging

Executioner: William Billington


George William Hibbs was convicted of the murder of Miriam Jane Tye 57 and sentenced to death.

He was one of her lodgers and stabbed her in the stomach on 28 June 1902 at her house on Barmore Street, Battersea, London. She was taken to hospital where she later died on 30 June.

He had stabbed at her on an earlier occasion but had only cut her clothes and she had forgiven him.

On 28 June 1902 he had asked her for a clean shirt but she had refused saying that he would only pawn it to buy drink. Later she was heard to scream, and was found on the floor stabbed in the stomach. She was still alive and said that it had been George Hibbs that had stabbed her. However, he denied it.

He was convicted and just before his execution he admitted stabbing her saying that he loved her and had been jealous.

see National Archives - CRIM 1/75/3, HO 144/581/A63547