British Executions

Ajit Singh

Age: 27

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 7 May 1952

Crime Location: Cefn Hirgoed Isolation Hospital, Bridgend

Execution Place: Cardiff

Method: hanging



Ajit Singh murdered his girlfriend Joan Marion Thomas 27 who he shot outside Cefn Hirgoed Isolation Hospital, Bridgend on 30 December 1951.

Ajit Singh and Joan Thomas has been seeing each other but Joan Thomas's family objected to the relationship and Joan Thomas later broke of their realationship after saying that he was pestering her to death.

Ajit Singh had been seing Joan Thomas since about March 1951 and met her parents in May 1951 when Joan Thomas brought him home. He was a fairly regular visiter until about August 1951 and then in November 1951 Joan Thomas broke off their relationship.

However, Ajit Singh continued to pester Joan Thomas and also went to see her sister who was in hospital where he made a scene. Joan Thomas's father asked Ajit Singh to visit him and when they met he forbade him seeing the sister and told him to stop pesting Joan Thomas. He told Ajit Singh that Joan Thomas had broken off with him but Ajit Singh replied 'She finish, I never finish, She know what I do now', and he then ran out of the house.

On 30 December Joan Thomas and a friend went to the Cefn Hirgoed Hospital with a friend where they were met by Ajit Singh who asked Joan Thomas what she was doing that evening but she refused to talk to him and told him to mind his own business.

Ajit Singh then pulled out a gun and shot her dead.

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