British Executions

Nicholas Persoulious Crosby

Age: 22

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 19 Dec 1950

Crime Location: Springfield Road, Leeds

Execution Place: Manchester

Method: hanging

Executioner: Albert Pierrepoint


Nicholas Crosby murdered Ruth Massey 19 whose throat he cut at Springfield Road, Leeds on 8 July 1950.

Nicholas Crosby and Ruth Massey had been drinking in the Brougham Arms Hotel in Leeds until around 10pm after which they left and at some point Nicholas Crosby murdered Ruth Massey on some wasteland.

After police found Ruth Massey's body they soon determined that she had been drinking at the Brougham Arms Hotel in the company of Nicholas Crosby who was then questioned. However, he said that after leavign the hotel they went their seperate ways. However, they later questioned his cousin to whom he had told the whole story of the murder.

When the police confronted him with that information Nicholas Crosby changed his story and said that he had left the pub with Ruth Massey but also with another man in a grey suit. He said that when they reached the murder spot he left the man in the grey suit alone with Ruth Massey and walked off but after a few seconds he heard a scream and went back to see that the man in the grey suit had killed Ruth Massey. he said then that he walked the man in the grey suit home.

The jury didnt believe his version of events and convicted him of murder.

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