British Executions

Arthur Richardson

Age: 30

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 25 Mar 1902

Crime Location: 97 Hodgson Street, Hull

Execution Place: Hull

Method: hanging

Executioner: William Billington


Arthur Richardson was convicted of the murder of his aunt Sarah Hebden 62 and sentenced to death.

He battered her to death at 97 Hodgson Street in Hull on Thursday 28 November 1901.

Sarah Hebden collected money for the Royal Liver Friendly Society for which she earned a commission. She would collect the premiums from her friends and take the money to the offices of the Royal Liver Friendly Society. She also had a tea caddy in which she generally kept between £5 and £10.

Arthur Richardson had previously stolen from another aunt for which he had been convicted and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, a sentence for which he had only been released from 8 days before the murder of Sarah Hebden.

On 28th November 1901 Sarah Hebden had arranged to visit Elloughton but she never arrived. Also, a woman went to call on Sarah Hebden at her home but got no reply and so she went next door to see Sarah Hebden's sister who thought it was strange that she was not home and so they started to investigate and went around the back where they found a window open. They went in through the window and found Sarah Hebden dead at the foot of her stairs.

Arthur Richardson's landlord said that on the morning of 28 November 1901 at about 5.30am Arthur Richardson had complained to him that he had no money. Then later at 7.30am he was seen to have money jingling in his pockets and later ordered a new suit and jacket for himself and also bought a gold albert.

The police also found a gold watch on him that was stated to have been Sarah Hebden's and they found bloodstains on his clothes and boots. They also found a broach on him that had been given to Sarah Hebden on 18 November 1901.

He was executed in Hull on 25 March 1902.

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