British Executions

Edward Green

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: burglary

Date Of Execution: 27 Mar 1790

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Staffordshire

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Edward Green and John Stokes (and Daniel Hall - see 26 March 1791) guilty of a burglary in the dwelling house of Samuel Bull in the parish of Harbourne on 21st December 1789: stealing therefrom 2 silver tablespoons (valued at £2.12.6), a silver pap spoon (valued at 7/6), 2 silver teaspoons (valued at 5/-), a pair of silver tea tongs (valued at 1/6), a silver seal (valued at 1/6), a silver thimble (valued at 1/-), a watch (valued at £6.16/-), a steel watch chain (valued at 2/-), a brass seal (valued at 1/-), a watch (valued at £4), a steel watch chain (valued at 2/-), a brass seal (valued at 6d), a linen bed quilt (valued at £1.10/-), a linen bed quilt lining (valued at 14/-), a pistol (valued at 12/-), a tortoiseshell pistol powder flask (valued at 5/-), a clasp saw (valued at 5/-), a pruning knife (valued at 6d), a pocket knife (valued at 6d), a cloth great coat (valued at 5/-), a linen thread case (valued at 1/-), 7 pairs of cotton stockings (valued at 18/-), a pair of jean breeches (valued at 14/-), a pair of plated shoe buckles (valued at 4/-), 2 pairs of iron pincers (valued at 1/-), a pair of leather pumps (valued at 2/6), a flaxen shift (valued at 2/6), a memorandum book (valued at 4/-), a leather cased pocket book (valued at 3/-), a pair of silver sleeve buttons (valued at 2/-), 14 pounds of ham (valued at 7/-), 4 pounds of lead bullets (valued at 7d), an iron and steel hanger (valued at 5/-), a check linen apron (valued at 2/-), a wooden trunk covered with seal skin (valued at 2/-), 3 gold guineas, a gold half guinea and 30/- in money numbered.