British Executions

John Skinner

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: house breaking

Date Of Execution: 3 Sep 1764

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Surrey

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


John Skinner found guilty on an indictment for breaking into the dwelling house of John Dobson in the parish of St Mary, Rotherhithe on 6th May 1764; and stealing therefrom a black satin hat (valued at 10/-), a black satin apron (valued at 5/-), a black hat (valued at 10/-), a black silk handkerchief (valued at 3/-), a white satin short cloak (valued at 10/-), a pair of white satin mittens (valued at 3/-), a pair of silver salts (valued at 50/-), 12 silver tablespoons (valued at 50/-), 7 silver teaspoons (valued at 20/-), 5 silver wine labels (valued at 10/-), 5 silver castor tops (valued at 10/-), a brown suit of gold laced man’s wearing apparel (valued at 30/-), a chocolate coloured lapelled coat and breeches (valued at 40/-), a gold laced yellow silk damask waistcoat (valued at 50/-),a black coat (valued at 20/-)a serge flannel waistcoat (valued at 10/-), a a gold cambric white silk and satin waistcoat (valued at 50/-),, a shagreen knife-case containing a dozen knives and a dozen forks with silver ferrals (valued at 40/-), a pair od pistols (valued at 10/-), a gold watch (valued at £8.8/-), a silk quilt (value at 20/-), a calico sheet (valued at 10/-), 18 muslin neckerchiefs (value at 40/-), 4 diaper caps (valued at 5/-),a muslin apron (valued at 5/-), a pair of women’s stays (valued at 10/-), a garnet stuff gown (valued at 10/-), a pair of cotton and silk window curtains (valued at 50/-) and a girdle buckle (valued at 2/-).