British Executions

Richard Bridger

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: house breaking

Date Of Execution: 30 Aug 1773

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Sussex

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Richard Bridger (said to be 13 or 18) found guilty on an indictment for breaking into the dwelling house of Samuel Ayling in the parish of Chithurst on 28th February 1783; and stealing therefrom a watch with silver cases (valued at £3), 2 pairs of silver shoe buckles (valued at 30/-), 3 gold rings (valued at 15/-), a silver thimble (valued at 6d), a saddle (valued at 5/-), a bridle (valued at 1/-), a foreign gold coin with a value of £3.12/-, another foreign gold coin with a value of 36/-, 4 other foreign gold coin, called Moidores, with a value of 27/-, 51 gold guineas, 11 gold half guineas, 8 silver crown pieces and £26.7/6 in money numbered.