British Executions

Sidney James Delasalle

Age: 39

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 13 Apr 1944

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Durham

Method: hanging

Executioner: Albert Pierrepoint


Sidney Delasalle murdered Ronald John Murphy 23 who he shot at North Country Army Camp on 4 February 1944.

Sidney Delasalle shot Ronald Murphy with a rifle as he waited in a Naafi tea and bun queue.

Sidney Delasalle was a leading aircraftman gunner armourer at the camp and Ronald Murphy was a Flight Sergent. They had had an argument over rations which resulted in Sidney Delasalle being sentenced to 14 days. When he was let out he approached the queue at the Naafi van and said 'Stand clear, boys'. He fired 2 shots which wounded 4 people. After Sidney Delasalle was heard to say 'He asked for it'.

see Evening Telegraph - Wednesday 22 March 1944

see National Archives - ASSI 45/104/8