British Executions

William Branham

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: burglary

Date Of Execution: 25 Apr 1795

Crime Location:

Execution Place: York

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


William Branham guilty of a burglary in the dwelling house of William Shillitoe in the parish of Adwick-le-Street on 24th September 1794: stealing therefrom a feather bed (valued at 40/-), 5 feather pillows with linen tick covers (valued at 5/-), 3 woollen blankets (valued at 15/-), 2 linen sheets (valued at 7/-), a flannel coverlid (valued at 10/-), 10 yards of linen (valued at 12/-), 2 linen shirts (valued at 7/-), 2 Hugaback tablecloths (valued at 8/-),  a black silk handkerchief set with lace (valued at 1/-), a drab coloured cloth coat (valued at 10/-), 4 yards of woollen cloth (valued at 8/-), a silk handkerchief (valued at 2/-), a muslin apron (valued at 2/-), a calico gown (valued at 4/-), a linen shift (valued at 2/-), a pair of silk stockings (valued at 2/-), a muslin handkerchief (valued at 1/-), 4 silver tablespoons (valued at 40/-), 2 silver teaspoons (valued at 2/-), a silver tankard (valued at 40/-), a silver-plated pint cup (valued at 10/-), a silver-plated tankard (valued at 12/-), a copper tea kettle (valued at 5/-), an oil case for a man’s hat (valued at 1/-) and an oil case for a woman’s hat (valued at 1/-) - the property of William Shillitoe; 6 yards Toilinet (valued at 25/-), 5¾ yards of scarlet Kerseymere (valued at 23/-) and 3 yards of buff coloured Kerseymere (valued at 15/-) - the property of William Pollard, Dawson Humble and Benjamin North.