British Executions

George Belt

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: burglary

Date Of Execution: 2 Apr 1774

Crime Location:

Execution Place: York

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


George Belt guilty of a burglary in the dwelling house of Thomas Athorpe in the parish of Howden on 28th October 1773: stealing therefrom a silver watch (valued at £3), a steel watch chain (valued at 1/-), a cornelian seal set in gold (valued at 10/-), a cornelian seal set in Pinch Beet (valued at 2/-), a silver cup (valued at 10/-), a silver spoon (valued at 5/-), a riding whip (valued at 1/-), 2 yellow canvas purses (valued at 2d), 2 other canvas purses (valued at 2d), 60 gold guineas, a corkscrew (valued at 6d), a pair of worsted gloves (valued at 3d), a box of money weights and scales (valued at 1/-) and a hand bell (valued at 2d).