British Executions

Lewis Lewis Jr

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 3 Sep 1789

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Wales

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Lewis Lewis Jr was one of the people involved in the murder of Thomas Price in the parish of Llanafanfawr who was beaten with a stick and strangled to death with a rope. He was convicted and ordered to be hanged in chains.

After they tried to sink his body in a pool in the hills but found that that would not effectively conceal him and so they tried to burn him but failed at that too and so buried him in several places including the garden of one of the murderers and at another house.

One of the parties confessed and two parcels of bones were recovered.

Lewis Lewis Jr was executed on 03 September 1789.

10 days after his execution one of the witnesses who gave evidence against him was murdered having been stabbed in a pub.

Lewis and his family had been a terror in the country for many years. A brother turned evidence against him. Another was tried for sheep stealing. The father and a brother were reprieved for transportation the year before. Another uncle was on board a ship for Botany Bay, and the wife of the last was tried for the murder of a bastard child  since her husband had been sent for transportation.

His father Lewis Lewis Sr was also hanged for the murder in 1791.

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