British Executions

Anne Williamson

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Crime: stealing

Date Of Execution: 7 Aug 1755

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Derby

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Anne Williamson was executed for picking the pocket of George White at Ashborne Fair.

Whilst under the sentence of death she acted with great decency and composure and owned the fact for which she was to suffer, but would not acknowldge that she was ever concerned with or belonged to any gang of gamblers or sharpers as was generally reported of her.

At her execution she did little more than beg the prayers of the people and desiring all young persons to take warning by her.

After her execution her body was cut down and laid in a coffin at the debtors jail until Sunday afternoon when it was then buried at St Peters Church Yard.

She was convicted at the Derby Assizes.

see Derby Mercury - Friday 01 August 1755