British Executions

John MMillan

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: stealing

Date Of Execution: 10 Jul 1755

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Fort William

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


John M'Millan was executed for theft.

he was an elderly man and a most notorious offender. His elder brother was executed many years ago for a murder which he was supposed to be an accessory but he denied it at the gallows. Before he mounted the ladder he asked for a glass of whisky which he was given.

He then said 'Here is PC's health and god send him safe to his own kingdom. I take you all to witness, I never committed murder, but am innocently murdered.'

After ascending the ladder he spoke with great rancour and emotion, reviling the sherif and saying he was a black sight to the names and families of Lochiel and Glengary.

He was then hung for 15 minutes after which he was cut down and his friends tried to revive him by bleeding but to no purpose.

see Oxford Journal - Saturday 02 August 1755