British Executions

Elizabeth Tea

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Crime: infanticide

Date Of Execution: 16 Apr 1735

Crime Location:

Execution Place: unknown

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


75. Elizabeth Tea , was indicted for the Murder of her Female Bastard Infant, by stranging it with both her hands , February 24 .


She was a second time indicted on the Coroner's Inquisition.

Rachel Town On Monday the twenty fourth of February about seven at Night; I went up into the Chamber and the Dog followed me. But when I was going down, he would stay to smell at something in the Closet, where there was a Sink. I found some Disorder on the Floor. Then he run his Nose behind the Bed, where I found a Diaper Clout, upon which was the like Disorder. I search'd in several places but could find nothing. The Prisoner my Servant appeared very uneasy at this, and followed me from one Room to another. I asked her what was the matter with her, she said, nothing ail'd her, and I was welcome to look where I pleased. At last, she said, If I must know the truth, she had had a slight Miscarriage, and had put it down the Vault. I told her I had looked there and seen nothing; and then she said she had put it down the Sink, and I need not be uneasy for she was very well, and as able to do my Work as ever. I told her she should stay no longer in my House; and so I gave her a Crown, and bid her come for the rest of her Wages to-morrow. I being dissatisfied, went into the Garret and found a dead Child there very clean. It must have been born between four and five that Afternoon, because that was the only time she was out of the Kitchen. It seemed to be at its full growth, but there was no Spots nor Marks of violence. The Saturday following she came for her Clothes, and the rest of her Wages, and was taken up. She confest it was her Child, but said it was born dead, and that she intended to take it away and bury it.

Several other Witnesses deposed to the same effect. She said in her Defence that she fell down Stairs, which made her come before her time. Guilty Death .

Old Bailey Proceedings Online (, version 7.0, 25 February 2014), April 1735, trial of Elizabeth Tea (t17350416-67).

Note - Execution not certain?