British Executions

Thomas Maynard

Age: 31

Sex: male

Crime: forgery

Date Of Execution: 31 Dec 1829

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Newgate

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Thomas Maynard and Richard Hubbard Jones were convicted of forging and uttering as true a counterfeit warrant order, purporting to be the order of the Comptroller of his Majesty's Customs, for the payment of 1973l., with intent to defraud his Majesty the King. Thomas Maynard and Richard Jones were sentenced to death. Not clear if Richard Jones was executed.

There was also a second count stating the intent to be to defraud Sir William Boothby, Bart.

There were 67 witnesses for the prosecution.

The order was drawn by Thomas Maynard and Richard Jones and the signatures of three of the Commissioners of Customs were afixed to it. It was directed to the Receiver General, desiring him to pay £1,973 to the Comptroller at Fowey, Cornwall, to meet the expences of the establishment at that place.

The court heard that they were in very different circumstances before they obtained the money, but after they got it they lived extravagently, made a display of their money, and themselves and the women who passed as their wives bought goods of a great number of tradesmen.

They were arrested when they made arrangements to travel to America. Thomas Maynard had £280 on him. Another man had between £2-300 but the other man was aquitted as they could not connect the evidence to him. Richard Jones was presumably convicted because he along with Thomas Maynard drew the order and were otherwise connected by the evidence.

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