British Executions

William Burrett

Age: 35

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 3 Oct 1900

Crime Location: 10 Alexandra Street, Plaistow, London

Execution Place: Chelmsford

Method: hanging

Executioner: James Billington


William Burrett stabbed his wife Ada Gubb Burrett 21 to death at Alexandra Street, Plaistow, London on Saturday, 25 August 1900.

They were married in July 1900 but William Burrett wouldn't go out to work and instead lived off of his wifes earnings as a prostitute.

On the morning of 25 August 1900 they argued over this matter and William Burrett stabbed her multiple times.

The paprboy discovered her body at the foot of the stairs and a doctor was called but he didn't treat her until the police arrived because he wanted them to see exactly what state she was in.

Ada Burrett was still alive and was taken to the hospital where she made a statement. She said 'I was quarrelling with my husband. I told him he would have to go to work. He has not done any work since I was married. He took a big knife and stabbed me all over. He then ran away. It was about twenty past seven in the morning.

see National Archives - CRIM 1/63/10