British Executions

Francis Tidbury

Age: 17

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 12 Mar 1877

Crime Location: Denford, Hungerford, Berkshire

Execution Place: Reading County Gaol

Method: hanging

Executioner: Marwood


Henry Tidbury and Francis Tidbury murdered PC Tom Shorter & Inspector Joseph Drewett in what was known as the Hungerford Murders.

They had been out poaching and had killed two pheasents and were on their way home across the fields near Denford Toll Bar when they saw Joseph Drewett who they immediatly recognised. As he came towards them along the lane Henry Tidbury fired and shot him down.

Tom Shorter then came along and Francis Tidbury fired at him but missed and Tom Shorter ran off towards Hungerford. Henry Tidbury and Francis Tidbury chased Tom Shorter and caught up with him further down the lane where they beat him to death.

They then returned to where Joseph Drewett was lying. He was still alive and he entreated them to spare his life but they beat him to death with their guns.

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