British Executions

George Arthur Bryant

Age: 38

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 14 Jul 1936

Crime Location: 301 London Road, Dover

Execution Place: Wandsworth

Method: hanging

Executioner: Thomas Pierrepoint


George Bryant murdered his girlfriend Ellen Margaret Mary Whiting 36 by battering and strangling her at 301 London Road, Dover on 21 May 1936.

George Bryant was seeing Ellen Whiting who was already married but seperated, and they had moved in together at 301 London Road in December 1935, however, it appears that they had argued and by february 1936 George Bryant was not living with Ellen Whiting at 301 London Road and Ellen Whiting was again on better terms with her husband who she had seen on a number of occassions.

On 21 May George Bryant had a couple of drinks in the Fountain Inn on London Rd and then went to see Ellen Whiting at 301 London Road. The landlady let him in and gave her children a shilling saying that they should go to the cinema. Later that afternoon George Bryant went to the police station to say that he had killed Ellen Whiting who was then found dead in her room with two pillows over her face and a stocking tied tightly around her neck. He said 'I hit her over the head with a bottle and afterwards strangled her.'

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