British Executions

Luigi Buranelli

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 30 Apr 1855

Crime Location: 5 Foley Place

Execution Place: Newgate

Method: hanging

Executioner: Calcraft


Luigi Buranelli was convicted of the murder of Joseph Latham otherwise known as Lambert.

He went to his house in Foley Place and shouted 'Mr Lambert, Mr Lambert' and then shot him with a pistol in the neck while he was asleep. Adfter he shot his wife in the arm and neck but she survived.

Another lodger said that she was awoken a little after 9am by a noise and then a rattling at her door. She called out 2-3 times who was there but there was no answer and then she heard Luigi Buranelli call out 'It is I. Luigi Buranelli.' The woman then called out 'Mr Lambert' and Luigi Buranelli said 'He is dead, and I am his assassin'.

Luigi Buranelli had been living at the house before although he was not a lodger, and was allowed to live there because he was poor but he had been asked to leave 10 days earlier.

After he shot himself in the head but survived.

He was executed publicly at in front of Newgate in before thousands of people, however, the drop was not correct and he struggled violently for 5 minutes even though Calcraft the exectioner held onto his legs. The crowd vented their displeasure upon Calcroft with a series of frightful yells which were repeated with tenfold vigour when he went up to cut him down.

After he was cut down a surgeon removed the bullet from his skull which had embedded in his nasal bone.

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