British Executions

Morris Rowlands

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 25 Apr 1778

Crime Location:

Execution Place: unknown

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Saturday, 25 April 1778

Morris Rowlands on 21 January 1778 at Gochwillan Mill, Llanllechid shot dead William Williams, miller(WALES 4/275/4).  In the Trinity 1778 Quarter Session papers MR is said to have been dieted for 13 weeks from 7 January (sic) to 24 April. (13 weeks would have been from 24 January which would fit with a murder on the 21st.)  He was paid for 13 weeks only so the 7 January date may be a copyist's error.

According to Caernarfon Historical Society Transactions 1939 page 12 "April 25 1778: a man from Llanllechid hanged at Morfa Hallt and gibbeted Dalar Hir.

near Aber."

Executed in April according to ballad (BCWB Volume VI Number 12).

C&DH reports "Morris Rowlands, for murdering a miller at Gochwillan, executed April 5th 1778." The date is incorrect as the Session did not start till 18 April.

Shrewsbury Chronicle Saturday 9 May"Saturday se'nnight a creditable farmer was executed at Caernarfon and hanged in chains for murder of a miller by shooting and afterwards beating his brains out with a stake: the occasion was a love affair.