British Executions

Louisa Josephine Jemima Masset

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 9 Jan 1900

Crime Location: Dalston Junction Railway Station, London

Execution Place: Newgate

Method: hanging

Executioner: James Billington


Louisa Masset murdered her son Manfred Louis Masset 3 who she beat to death with a brick on 27 October 1899. She had beaten him to death with the brick and suffocated him after which she left his body in the women's toilets at Dalston Junction railway station, London

The body was identified by a woman who had looked after the child after his birth on 24 April 1896. the woman was being paid 37s/month to look after the child and Louisa Masset would visit every Wednesday. The woman had received a letter from Louisa Masset stating that she wanted the child to be looked after in France and on 27 October 1899 the woman handed the child over to Louisa Masset at Stamford Hill outside the Birdcage pub. Then on 30 October the woman received a letter saying that Manfred Masset had cried all the way to London Bridge and had been poorly from Newhaven to France.

However, Louisa Masset had gone to Brighton to stay with her 19 year old lover at a hotel in Queen's Road. Louisa Masset who was half French and half English had lived at 29, Bethune Road, Stoke Newington, London and was having an affair with her neighbour who was 19.

At her trial she told the court that she had handed the child over to a Mrs Browning who was starting a children's home and had paid her 12 for taking the child. However, the police found some of the child's clothing with her in Brighton. Also, the address for the children's home in Chelsea was false. Paper that was used to wrap the baby was shown to have been torn from a much larger piece at Louisa Masset's home and that the brick probably came from her rockery.

Witnesses said that Louisa Masset was seen at 1.45pm at London Bridge railway station with the child who was distressed. Louisa Masset took the child to the buffet area and brought him cake. They were last seen there about 3pm. Louisa Masset was again seen about pm but this time without the child.