British Executions

Joseph Edwards


Sex: male

Crime: Stole in dwelling house

Date Of Execution: 23 Mar 1799

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Reading

Method: hannging

Executioner: unknown


Saturday, 23 March 1799 County Gaol, Reading (Reading Mercury) Joseph Edwards indicted for stealing in the dwelling house of William Mabbutt in the parish of Sonning on 27th July 1798: stealing 5 silver sugar coasters (valued at 40/-), 2 silver pepper coasters (valued at 40/-), a silver mustard cruet (valued at 20/-), 20 silver table spoons (valued at ?10), 13 silver dessert spoons (valued at ?4), 10 silver marrow spoons (valued at 50/-), 1 plated inkstand valued at 10/-), a toothpick inlaid with gold (valued at 5/-), a pair of spectacles mounted on silver with case (valued at 10/-), an iron key (valued at 1d), a pair of leather shoes (valued at 2/-), a waistcoat (valued at 5/-) and a pair of black silk breeches (valued at 10/-) - the goods and property of William Mabbutt; a linen jacket (valued at 5/-), a strop (valued at 6d) and a razor (valued at 6d) - the goods and property of John Laidlaw: and a pair of leather breeches (valued at 20/-), a linen shirt (valued at 5/-), 3 pairs of cotton stockings (valued at 5/-), 2 pairs of worsted stockings (valued at 2/-), a pair of worsted gloves (valued at 6d) and a magnet in a box (valued at 2d) - the goods and property of Francis Quelch.