British Executions

Thomas Collins


Sex: male

Crime: Burglary

Date Of Execution: 23 Jul 1796

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Reading

Method: hannging

Executioner: unknown


Saturday, 23 July 1796 County Gaol, Reading (Reading Mercury) Thomas Collins indicted for a burglary in the dwelling house of Sylvanus Greville in the parish of White Waltham on 13th November 1795: stealing therefrom a dark coloured Beaver box coat (valued at 25/-), a pair of linen sheets (valued at 5/-), a linen tablecloth (valued at 5/-), a linen napkin (valued at 8d), a linen shift (valued at 5/-), a pair of cotton stockings (valued at 5/-) and a metal candlestick (valued at 2/-).