British Executions

Francis Proudley


Sex: male

Crime: horse stealing

Date Of Execution: 24 Mar 1827

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Winchester

Method: hanging



Francis Proudley was convicted of stealing two horses. The horses where the property of J Ellyett of Cranborne, Dorset. The judge noted that it was clear that the greater part of Francis Proudleys life had been dovoted to the crime of horse stealing. He had been indicted on three charges of horse stealing with another man who was aquitted and had been convicted on two of them. The judge said that horse stealing had become so common in all the counties throughout England that it became imperiously necessary to make a signal example of those convicted of the offence; indeed it was a duty which was owing to the justice of the country.

He also said that Nothing could be urged in favour of Francis Proudley and that he was found associating with a man of notoriously bad character, who, though for the present had escaped, would probably  be doomed to the awful punishment which awaited Francis Proudley.

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