British Executions

Albert James Fraser

Age: 24

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 26 May 1920

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Duke Street, Glasgow

Method: hanging

Executioner: John Ellis


Albert James Fraser and James Rollins murdered Henry Senior 35 who they battered to death at Queen's Park, Glasgow on 3 February 1920.

Albert Fraser and James Rollins used a woman to pick up men and go with them to a park where they would rob them. On the night of the murder Henry Senior had gone out to see his girlfriend who phadnt turned up and he started to talk to a woman with whom he walked off with. They took a tram and then went to Queen's Park, Glasgow where they went through a hole in the fence and sat on the grass.

Albert Fraser and James Rollins had followed them from the pick up point to the park and ambushed Henry Senior who they beat to death and then stole his money, shoes and overcoat.

They were soon identified as they had tried to mug other people and had also been seen washing blood off their hands and also seen by various other people. After they left for Ireland but the police were informed that two men were seen on board the ferry matching the descriptions of the murderers. The police went to Belfast where they tracked down Albert Fraser and James Rollins and brought them back to the UK. they also arrested their girlfriends one of whom had been used for the bait. She agreed to give Kings Evidence against the pair and related the course of events saying that she had tried to stop the beating.

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