British Executions

Thomas Ealing

Age: 40

Sex: male

Crime: Stealing in a dwelling house

Date Of Execution: 27 Mar 1802

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Winchester Gallows Hill

Method: hanging




Thomas Ealing (aged 40) and George Lee (aged 50) (with Francis Green - see below 14 August 1802) guilty of a robbery in the dwelling house of Robert Ridley in the parish of Heckfield on 1st May 1801: putting Mary Lovelock, spinster in fear and stealing therefrom a gold watch (valued at £5), a seal (valued at 3d), a silver salt stand (valued at 5/-), a silver pepper box (valued at 8/-), a waistcoat (valued at 6/-), a muslin neck handkerchief (valued at 2/-), a ham of pork (valued at 5/-), a chine of pork (valued at 5/-), 2 hogs cheeks (valued at 2/-) and ½ pound of butter (valued at 6d).