British Executions

George Joseph Smith

Age: 43

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 13 Aug 1915

Crime Location: Herne Bay, Blackpool and Highgate

Execution Place: Maidstone Prison

Method: hanging

Executioner: John Ellis


George Joseph Smith was convicted of the murder of three women, Beatrice Mundy 31, Alice Burnham 25 and Margaret Elizabeth Lofty 38, and sentenced to death.

He drowned them all in baths and the case became known as 'The Brides in the Bath Murders'.

Beatrice Mundy

Beatrice Mundy was found dead in her bath on 13 July 1912 at 80 High Street, Herne Bay, Kent.

Alice Burnham

Alice Burnham was found dead in her bath on 12 December 1913 at a boarding house in Regent Road, Blackpool.

Margaret Elizabeth Lofty

Margaret Elizabeth Lofty was found dead in her bath on 18 December 1914 at 14 Bismark Road, Highgate, London.

The Initial Investigation

It wasn't until the landlord of he boarding house in Blackpool wrote to the police raising his wife's and a friends suspcions hat the case the looked into by the police. The letter had contained newspaper clippings detailing the death of Margaret Lofty from the The News of the World dated Christmas 1914 and the coroners account of the death Alice Burnham at his boarding house.

George Joseph Smith

George Joseph Smith was born in 1872 at 92 Roman Road in Bethnal Green and was said to have displayed early criminal tendencies, having been sent to  a reformatory at the age of 9, staying there until he was 16. After returning to live with his mother he was convicted in about 1890 for a small theft and was sentenced to seven days.

On 7 February 1891 he was convicted of stealing a bicycle and sentenced to 6 months hard labour at Lambeth Police Court.

He was later convicted on three counts of larceny at the North London Sessions for larceny and recieving under the name of Gerge Baker and sentenced to 12 months hard labour. It was also stated that it was known by the police that at about that time be was the associate of a woman whose identity was unkbown, who he would place in various situations and had steal things for him.

After being released from court he opened a baker's shop at 28 Russel Square in Leicester where he met an 18-year-old girl who he later married under the name of Mr and Mrs Love.

The Case


The Trial


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