British Executions

Rosamund Oderenshaw

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 29 Mar 1732

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Derby

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


John Howitt and Rosamund Ollerenshaw were convicted of the murder of John Howitt's wife Hannah Howitt in March 1732.

John Howitt was a butcher and Rosamund Ollerenshaw was a servant for the landlady of the Crown public-house at Nun's Green.

John Howitt was intimate with both women and they conspired to kill Hannah Howitt by poisoning her. The landlady brought some poisons and made a pancake that she gave to Rosamund Ollerenshaw to give to Hannah Howitt who ate it. She was soon sick and throwing up. A pig ate what she threw up and also died.

John Howitt and Rosamund Ollerenshaw were tried and convicted but the landlady escaped justice as she was ironing clothes in the parlour at the time.

Prior to their execution Rosamund Ollerenshaw said that she had had a bastard child which she had murdered and she told of the place she buried it. they dound the bones of a child apparently 7 months old.

They were executed in Derby.

see Derby Daily Telegraph - Monday 21 November 1881