British Executions

Lewis Houssart

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 7 Dec 1724

Crime Location: Swan Alley, Shoreditch, London

Execution Place: Swan Alley, Shoreditch, London

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Lewis Houssart was convicted of the murder of his wife Ann Rondeau and sentenced to death.

He cut her throat at her lodgings in Swan Alley, Shoreditch.

Lewis Houssart had been a French barber and had married Ann Rondeau after meeting her in London, however, he left her three years later and married another woman after which he decided to kill Ann Rondeau.

He first tried to poison her by giving her some medicine that had the appearance of conserve of roses, however, whilst it sent her into severe convulsion fits, she survived.

He later went to her lodgings in Swan Alley and paid a boy to call out her mother and then went in and cut her throat.

He was arrested soon after and tried at the Old Bailey but acquitted as the evidence of the boy had not come to light then, although he was still held on a charge of bigamy.

However, the boy, who had thought he would be hung if he came forward asked his mother what would become of the boy in the case if he were to come forward and she told him that he would be required to tell the truth, adding that there was no danger of any consequnce, after which he confessed his part.

Lewis Houssart later offered a porter 20 guineas to say that he had been at the Horfhoe in Blow Bladder Street at the time of the murder.

However, he was tried again and convicted.

see Newcastle Courant - Saturday 24 October 1724