British Executions

Richard Gascoigne

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: high treason

Date Of Execution: 25 May 1716

Crime Location:

Execution Place: unknown

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Executed at Tyburn, May 25; 1716, for High Treason.

   THIS unfortunate man was singularly active in fomenting the rebellion. So zealous was he in the cause, that he mortgaged his whole estate to supply him with money to purchase arms from foreign countries.

   When the rebels marched towards the south of England, he engaged all the forces he could, and went and joined them, proclaiming the Pretender king, at every stage of his march. He was made prisoner by the king's troops at Preston, at the same time as Colonel Oxburgh; and being arraigned before Lord Chief Justice King, in Westminster Hall, he pleaded "Not Guilty."

   On his trial it was proved, that some casks of arms which he had purchased abroad, were found on board a ship, directed to him; and being found guilty on the clearest evidence, sentence of death was passed on him.

   While he lay under sentence of death, his sentiments appeared to be nearly the same as those of Colonel Oxburgh: and at the place of execution he declared that he did not take up arms with a view to restore the Roman Catholic religion, but solely in behalf of James the Third whom he deemed his lawful sovereign.