British Executions

Tom Rowland

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: highway robbery

Date Of Execution: 24 Oct 1699

Crime Location:

Execution Place: unknown

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown



Who worked the Highway disguised as a Woman for Eighteen Years. Executed 24th of October, 1699

TOM ROWLAND was born at Ware, in Hertfordshire, and by his parents was put an apprentice to a bricklayer; but after he had served his time, being then of a slothful, idle disposition, he kept such company as soon brought him to follow evil courses; and, to support his extravagancy in a most riotous way of living, he stole a horse out of the Duke of Beaufort's stables, at his seat at Badminton, in Gloucestershire; and then, going on the highway, committed several most notorious robberies, for above eighteen years; but he always robbed in women's apparel, which disguise was the means of his reigning so long in his villainy. Whenever he was pursued he then rode astride; but at last, being apprehended in this unlawful habit for robbing a person on Hounslow Heath of a quantity of bone-lace, to the value of twelve hundred pounds sterling, he was condemned for this fact, and found guilty also upon another indictment preferred against him for robbing another person, near Barnet, of eighty-four pounds, nine shillings. However, whilst he lay under sentence of death he was very refractory, and was so abominably wicked that the very morning on which he died, lying in the Press Yard, for he wanted for no money whilst under confinement, a common woman coming to visit him, he had the unparalleled audaciousness to act carnally with her, and gloried in the sin as he was going to execution, which was at Tyburn, on Friday, the 24th of October, 1699, aged forty years.