British Executions

John Jones

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: highway robbery

Date Of Execution: 6 Jun 1717

Crime Location:

Execution Place: unknown

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


John Jones and Isaak Ely , of St. Sepulchres , were indicted for Assaulting James Low upon the King's Highway, and taking from him a Perriwig, value 15 s.

the 21st of May last. The Prosecutor depos'd, That he being an Officer belonging to the Excise , had been upon Duty, and was going home about Two a clock in the morning, meets four Persons, who coming up to him, one of them immediately stabbed him with a Knife on the Breast, cutting through the folds of his Neckcloth, but not entring his Body, and at the same time they catched hold of his Hat and Wig, but he endeavouring to save them, received another stab about 4 inches deep in his Back, and did save his Hat but lost his Wig; whereupon calling out for help, the Watch being nigh, pursued the Prisoners. Robert Hitchcock depos'd. That he hearing the Prosecutor cry out Murder, made toward him, and saw Jones running away and followed him, calling to other Watchmen for Assistance. Another Watchman depos'd, That he followed Jones, and at Hosier-Lane end he swore he would shoot him, upon which he reply'd he would first have one knock at his Knapper, and so knock'd him down. And that seeing Ely in the Street not taking him for one of his Accomplices, he charged him to aid and assist him in securing Jones; but he pretending to hold him let him go, and Jones struck up his heels and ran away, but was pursued and knock'd down again and Secur'd and that where he was knock'd down a Knife was found bloody, which appeared to be the same wherewith the Prosecutor was stabbed. The Jury thereupon found Jones Guilty of the Indictment; but the Evidence not being so full against Ely, he was Acquitted .

John Jones was indicted a second time for breaking the Dwelling-house of Sir Arthur Key in the Night-time, and stealing thence 1 Silver Salvers, value 50 l.3 Silver Castors, value 8l, 3 Tankards, value 161. and other Plate to a considerable value , the 21 st of April last was 12 months. Mrs. Stephens depos'd. That she left the house secure when she went to bed, but found it broken open and the Plate gone when she rose in the morning. Tho Mills depos'd, That the Prisoner, one Robert Evens , and himself, did the Fact; that they got over the Pallisadoes, took out some Glass, opened the Casement, and with a Hanger lifted up the Bar and took it out, gave it to Jones who threw it into the Street; that he and Evans entred the Kitchin and found there a Silver Cup, then opened the Street-door and let in Jones: then entring a Parlour where two Men were fast asleep. himself stood over the Men, with a pistol in his hand, while the Prisoner and Evans took away the Plate, which was in two Baskets; then going into an Alley, put the Plate into Bags and carried it and sold it to Deborah Stent for 73 l. There were other Evidences that confirm'd some Circumstances. The Jury therefore found him Guilty of the Indictment.

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