British Executions

Nath Parkhurst

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 27 Apr 1715

Crime Location:

Execution Place: unknown

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Nath. Parkhurst ,Esq ; of the Parish of St. Bridget , alias Brides , was indicted for the Murder of Lewis Pleura , on the 3d of March last, by giving him a mortal Wound with a Rapier, on the left side of the Belly , near the Navel, of the Breadth of one Inch, and the Depth of 5 Inches . He was also indicted for the same Murder upon the Statute of Stabbing. It appear'd by the Evidence, That the Prisoner and the Deceas'd were both Prisoners in the Fleet ; and the Prisoner having been up all Night a drinking, about 3 in the Morning went into a Room next to that of the Deceas'd, and cry'd, D - ye, Sir Lewis, where are ye? But being inform'd he was mistaken , he went and broke into the Deceased's Room, and was heard to say, D - ye, Sir Lewis pay me the 4 Guineas you owe me; soon after which the Deceas'd cry'd out Murder, and the Watchman and others going into the Room, found the Deceas'd lying naked and bleeding, upon his Back on the Floor, and the Prisoner upon him with his Sword drawn . Being taken up, the Deceas'd was put to Bed (the Sheets, which were very bloody, being first taken off ) where a Surgeon dress'd some of his Wounds, which were 18 or 20 in Number, (two of 'em mortal) after which he was able to speak; and being then ask'd how he was wounded, answer'd, the Prisoner had done it in his Bed. One Witness swore, That after the Prisoner had been disarm'd, and taken out of the Room, he came in again, and said, D - ye, Pleura, are ye not dead yet? The Fact was very plainly prov'd, nor did he deny it at his Trial any otherwise than by saying he knew nothing of it, and that he had been an imperfect Man as to his Senses, for two Years and a half past; which several Witnesses were call'd to prove who to a great many Lunatick and Whimsical Things that he had been guilty of within that Space of time: But there were others who depos'd that he was in a Capacity of distinguishing what he did, having lately transacted some Business relating to his Liberty, in which he appear'd to be in his right Senses; and it appearing that he had been drinking with Company, from 4 in the Afternoon, to the time of the Crime committed, the Jury brought him in guilty of wilful Murder, and the Statute of Stabbing.

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