British Executions

Richard Field

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 9 Dec 1714

Crime Location:

Execution Place: unknown

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Richard Field , and Mary his Wife , of the Parish of Hillendon , were indicted, he for the Murder of Mary, the Wife of Gabriel Randal , and stealing out of his House 25 Guineas, and 25 l. in Money , on the 20th of October last; and she as an Accessary to the Felony, by receiving part of the Money so stoln. Mr. Randal swore, That he being a Pipe-maker by Trade, and the Prisoner his Journey-man , he went to carry out some Pipes, and left only his Wife and the Prisoner at home; and returning again in about 2 Hours, found the String of the Door-latch out, so that it was sometime before he could get in; which when he had done, going up Stairs, he found his Wife lying a-cross the Bed, with her Hands and Legs tied; whereupon he cried out, and some Neighbours came in, who found a Clout thrust down her Throat, and another tied round her Head before her Mouth; which when they had remov'd, Blood issued out, and they discover'd her to be murder'd. The Prosecutor then went to look about the House, and found his Chest broke open, and the Money taken away, and a Hammer lying by, which he left in the Work-shop with the Prisoner, when he went out; and

also found the Prisoner's Apron bloody, and that he was gone. Another Evidence depos'd, That Mr. Randal sending him an Account of what had pass'd, he made strict search after the Prisoner, whom he found at last on board a Ship bound for Virginia; and upon searching him, found some Money, which he own'd to be part of the Prosecutor's Money; and a Purse was also taken upon him, which the Deceas'd frequently carried in her Pocket. He deny'd his Name when taken, and said it was John Gardener; and upon his Trial he said that he stood at the Door, while John Gardener robb'd the House; but did not know he had done Murder. This being all he had to say in his Defence, the Jury found him Guilty of the Murder and Felony ; but acquitted the Wife of being accessary to the last, by reason of her Coverture.

Old Bailey Proceedings Online (, version 6.0, 10 October 2011), December 1714, trial of Richard Field , and Mary his Wife Richard Field Richard Field (t17141209-28).