British Executions

Alexander Carrol

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 15 Jan 1708

Crime Location:

Execution Place: unknown

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Alexander Carrol , of St. Catherine's Creed-Church , was Indicted for the Murder of Thomas Fenwick , by giving him one mortal Wound un

der the right Pap on the 29th December last, of which mortal Wound he instantly died . He was a 2d time Indicted upon an Inquisition by the Coroner for the Murder of the said Thomas Fenwick. He was a third time Indicted for the Murder of Thomas Fenwick, upon the Statute of Stabbing. The first Evidence was Harrison, who depos'd that on the 29th of December last, between 8 and 9 at Night, going with one Bennet, by Billiter Lane end , they saw the Prisoner with 2 Women; that Harrison taking the Wall of the Woman, the Prisoner came up to him, and struck him with his Fist, and drew his Sword and struck him twice over the Head with it. This Evidence with others depos'd that the Deceas'd coming by that Instant, ask'd, what the Matter was? at which the Prisoner, without any other Provocation from the Deceas'd, gave him divers blows on the Head; that then there arose a small Scuffle between them, in which the Deceas'd receiv'd the Wound, and dropt down and Died immediately: The Prisoner in his Defence produc'd 2 Witnesses, one of which depos'd, that going along Leaden-Hall street, he heard a cry of stop Thief, thereupon he went over, and saw the Deceas'd give the Prisoner a blow on the Head with such Violence, as struck him down into the Channel. The other depos'd that he hearing the cry of stop Thief went likewise to see what was the Matter, and when he came, he did not see the first Scuffle, for the Croud about them, but he saw the Prisoner upon the Ground, kick'd and abus'd by the Deceas'd; these Witnesses were confronted by the Queens Evidence, who depos'd that there was no cry of stop Thief after the Prisoner, till the Deceas'd dropt, and the Prisoner running to make his Escape, had a fall, which was the occasion of his being Dirty. The Prisoner call'd divers to his Reputation, who gave him a very good Character, but the Fact being prov'd upon him by the Witnesses, who were very positive in their Evidence, the Jury found him Guilty of all the Indictments.

Old Bailey Proceedings Online (, version 6.0, 10 October 2011), January 1708, trial of Alexander Carrol (t17080115-16).