British Executions

Jane Hancock

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Crime: high treason

Date Of Execution: 11 Jul 1694

Crime Location:

Execution Place: unknown

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Jane Smith , Jane Hancock , and Mary Hewet Wife of George Hewet of St. Giles's in the Fields , were all tried for High-Treason, in Clipping the Lawful Money of the Kingdom, on Thursday the 29th of June last . A Chair man gave Notice to the Constable as he was upon his Watch, that he heard a snipping of Shears in the House where he lived; so the Constable went, and some of the Watchmen with him, and knockt at the Door about One of the clock in the morning; a little after the Door was opened, and Smith stood just opposite against the Door, with her Cloaths hanging loosly about her, and her Head-cloaths all off, much surprized. Hewet had a Straw-Hat on, and look'd as if she had not been in Bed. Hancock's Cloaths were loose about her too. So, upon search, there was found in the Rug of the Bed a pair of Shears, and some Clipt Money, and under the Bed a parcel of Clippings. In the same Room was found a couple of Files, and two pieces of Leather to rub the Money with. This was plainly evidenced by the Constable and the Watch, &c. They all deni'd the Fact, and said they knew not how the things came into the Room, calling several Witnesses, who declar'd, That they had always behav'd themselves fairly in their Dealings. It appear'd farther, on the behalf of Hewet and Smith, that they came accidentally to lie with Mrs. Hancock that Night, it being her Room, and no positive Proof was brought that they were concerned in Clipping, whereupon they were acquitted ; but Hancock was found guilty of High-Treason.

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