British Executions

John Breames

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 16 Dec 1693

Crime Location:

Execution Place: unknown

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Breams was also indicted upon the Statute of Stabbing; The Council for their Majesties opened the Indictment to the Gentlemen of the Jury, setting forth what a barbarous and cruel Murther the Prisoners stood accused of The first Evidence swore, that the Prisoners were (on the 4th of November last) found late at night in Salisbury Court , demeaning themselves after a very disorderly manner, swearing great Oaths that they would have the Constable out of his Chair; and another Witness swore, that he heard three men swear one at another, Damn em, they would kill the next man they met; and within three minutes after, murther was cried, and the man was kill'd; another Witness swore, that the Prisoners were the same persons that threatned they would kill the first man they met; another (viz) the Maid of the next House, swore that they all three came to the Door about 12 a Clock at Night, and enquired for a Gentleman, one Bill, that lodged there; and because they could not get admittance, they broke the Windows; and the said Hutton going out to see what was the matter, and demanding satisfaction for his Windows, Mr. John Breames first struck Mr. Hutton over his Head with a Sword, and then stuck his Sword into his Body; and when he had so done, he run away, leaving the Sword sticking in his Body; they all endeavoured to escape, but were soon stopt and taken; and whilst Mrs. Hutton was hanging, about her Husband to save him, John Breames thrust his Sword under her Arm, and stuck it into his Body, as aforesaid, of which Wound he died on the next night; the Sword was thrust into Mr. Hutton's Body 8 Inches deep, and there it stuck till Mr. Hutton pulled it out himself. Thus far was Evidence for the King. The Prisoners called several Persons of good Quality to their Reputation, who (in the general) gave a favourable Report of their former behaviour. Upon the whole matter, it appeared that they were all equally ingaged in the Quarrel, and that Mr. Kelsey was seen to strike the deceased: but Mr. John Breames was the person that gave the said Hutton the fatal wound, and that without any provocation given by Mr. Hutton. The Court summ'd up the Evidence on both sides to the Jury very distinctly, desiring them to be very considerate about a matter of so great consequence: so after all, they returned this Verdict, That they were all three guilty of the Murther, and Mr. John Breames upon the Statute of Stabbing.

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